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Business System of a Meteorological Beareau in Jiangsu Province

Lightening Protection and Business Operation System needs to be broadcast and syncronized of the critical meterorological information nationwide. And the local enterprises and government agencies are in need of interactive access to the system for first hand data.

Due to the high resilience requirement, it needs more reliable connection and zero tolerance of data loss. Also, it is designed to be accessible from anywhere and anytime.

Finally, it uses not only the ADN service, but also the CDN service of GrandeNet for its HTTP delivery.

The provision process is as simple as 1-2-3-4 steps, with no necessary of advanced IT expertise.

The Beaureau realized secure and fast delivery of the application and business at the reasonble cost.



ERP and Automation System in a factory in Guangzhou

Manufacturing 4.0 as a target is based on automation of intelligence collection and data analytics throughout the manufacturing process, which realizes detection prediction and smart manufacturing. Data sharing and break of walled garden are the presumption.

Thanks to ADN of GrandeNet, the factory can deliver all the operation data and process securely to all relevant people in the world.



CRM & OSS in a retail chain in Shanghai

As a nationwide retail chain company, it is the key factor to keep leading market share and improve customer satisfaction of how to run a robust and efficient marketing and sales system.

Through ADN of GrandeNet, the company can deliver its new campaign in time based on instant access to CRM and associated online system.

It makes the management run the business anytime, anywhere securely.