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What is ADN (Application Delivery Network) and why you need it?

Application Delivery Network (ADN) is a suite of technologies that, when deployed together, provide application availability, security, visibility, and acceleration. ADNs are primarily implemented to work with dynamic content or content that’s generated on the fly (online gaming, online trading, etc.) To speed up end-user delivery, an ADN reduces server latency by distributing the data load evenly across multiple servers. This reduces the possibility of any one server getting overloaded.

Several reasons can make your site become slow like high load or low bandwidth of source website, the interconnection between the major ISPs are bottlenecks, the congested link between the end-user and ISP, a large number of high-definition pictures or high-definition audio/video files and/or Web programming code of website have not been optimized. The impact of a slow website can be disastrous for your business as visits have become rare, slow growth of new users, poor experience of user access cause users lose, significantly reduce the volume of online business, weaken corporate image and brand influence and/or lose confidence of Website investors.

Why Grandenet ADN?

The Grandenet ADN aims to accelerate your website and at the same time provide the needed resiliency for your users have the best connectivity to your services. Grandenet ADN makes all bootle necks caused by slow/unreliable networks go away and optimizes the interconnection even in China or countries with high regulations.

If you want to reduce costs by unifing your backends on a single location and keep the same performance inside or outside China, Grandenet was designed for you. With +12 frontends all over the world it can keep your users using Web Applications faster reponse times and latencies.

If you want to self host your server, Grandenet ADN can improve the network to the maximum and guarantee the best response time as possible for your setup.

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Help and Reference Documents

[Blog Post] Improving your business website reliability in China with Grandenet and Cedexis: The combination of Grandenet and Cedexis can improve the reliability of web sites or business applications in China by achieving low latency, high resiliency and good performance at reasonable cost.

[Success Case] GKR successfully implements global ERP in 3 months based on HTML5 offline technology GKR, international group in rubber industry, has implemented in 3 months an exemplary purchase-production-sales data acquisition and management system for 14 subsidiaries in China and south-east Asia, through worldwide deployment of offline HTML5 Application, central ERP5 open source platform and GrandeNet application delivery network.

[Blog Post] GrandeNet - The Internet on Steroids GrandeNet can be used to optimize connectivity between computers distributed around the world by creating a mesh network which can be even faster them the Internet itself.

[IPython Notebook] Grandenet, Internet with Steroids: Describe how GrandeNet can globally reduce the Latency between 15% to 30% per connection for a group of computers if compared with standard Internet IPv4 and, considering individual links, Grandenet can optimise between 50% and 70% of those.