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Application Delivery Service

CRM, ERP ... Core Applications

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Frontend & Backend Systems: Customized Delivery of Content and Apps

Backend system on the customer side including core database and applications can be delivered right on the edge of the network, or even the terminal, thanks to the ADN (Application Delivery Network) of GrandeNet,

Frontend content can also be delivered through CDN(Content Delivery Network) of GrandeNet, or the third party's CDN.

Dynamic: It is one of the first universal platforms to support multiple CDNs. The customers can select their own CDN way, or define the parameters to reach the dynamic delivery of the content and applications.

Native IPv6 Service & New Algorithm

GrandeNet is an overlay on the existing physical infrastructure. It is a native IPv6 babeled network that improves the reliability of access and optimizes the delivery of applications and content completely with low latency and less packet loss, thanks to the new distance-vector routing protocol.

GrandeNet is designed to be a robust and efficient mesh network.

Secure and Reliable, P2P Supportive

With the key(s) subscribed to GrandeNet, the customers' backend system can be securely delievered without the risk of interception or authorized access.

Peer to peer technology as an option is deployed in the meshed ADN cloud, which makes it perfect the optimization of the delivery service.


GrandeNet is an cutting-edge Application Delivery Network Cloud Platform thanks to the development of Software Defined Network and IPv6 technology. Grande Arche Technologies, Co. Ltd. has partnered with the world leading scientists in software and technology to provision a fast and secure delivery service in China.

With full support of IPv6, the next generation of Internet, and encouragement of P2P adoption, GrandeNet is dedicated to the massive application of ADN cloud service.

In the soon future, GrandeNet will provide a universal ecosystem to support the developpers for more disruptive applications.


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