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How to Request a Grandenet ADN

This tutorial teaches you how to request a Grandenet ADN.

Access Member Area Grandenet

First you have to click MEMBER ACCESS on Grandenet website:

Login into Grandenet

Next please, Login into Grandenet

Request one ADN Setup

Please click on "ADN" in order to see the form to request

Define a Name and request

Give a Name for your Grandenet ADN setup (replace "Instance 1092831298" and click on Request

Requested.. time to wait

You must wait now until the token be generated, but the page won't refresh alone you must use your refresh the age manually. It would take 10 min at least.

Your token is ready

Once your token is generated like on the screenshot below, you can now finally use it on your server or computer.

Learn now how to setup your server/computer

The next topic will teach you how to setup Grandenet ADN on your server