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How to Subscribe to Grandenet

This tutorial teaches you how to subscribe to Grandenet.

Click on "Subscribe" Grandenet

First you have to click Subscribe on Grandenet website:

Fill Subscription Form

First you fill and submit the form, and one email will be sent for you confirm your email.

Certain anti-spam systems servers can delay or move the emails to spam folder, please always check your spam folder too.

Confirm your email...

On your email box, one link will be send to you, please access it in order to we confirm your email. Please check your Spam Folder also.

Email is confirmed wait for User Account Creation.

Once you confirm your email, your account is validated in very few minutes. Once it is finished one email will be sent to you confirming your account is created.

Please check your Spam Folder also.

Your Account is ready.

Once you receive the followed email, you can login on Grandenet.

Access Member Area Grandenet

Once you confirmed your email you can click MEMBER ACCESS on Grandenet website, in order to login:

Login into Grandenet

Next please, Login into Grandenet

Learn now how to How to Request a Grandenet ADN

The next topic will teach you how to How to Request a Grandenet ADN to setup on your server